About The PlyWood Trail

The vision for the PlyWood Trail is a safe and scenic transportation link for bicycle and pedestrian travel between Plymouth and Woodbury Counties connecting the communities of Le Mars, Merrill, Hinton, Sioux City and beyond. The concept for the PlyWood Trail project developed from a discussion regarding the Lewis and Clark Multi-Use Trail Plan from the Iowa DOT. The goal is to have a multi-use trail run along the historic expedition route from Hamburg, Iowa in the Southwest corner of the state up north to Sioux City, taking advantage of the scenic area along the Loess Hills. The Le Mars to Sioux City connection was a logical next step in connecting communities.

There is great momentum in the Siouxland area for developing not only the PlyWood Trail but creating and connecting others trails in the area as well. The Siouxland Chamber is spearheading a Tri-State Trail Coalition to perpetuate conversation and awareness of trail projects in local Siouxland communities.

Executive Board

PlyWood Trail Executive Board consists of individuals who are passionate about recreation and growing the communities in which they live and work.

The board includes:

  • Ryan Schapp, Chair/Treasurer
  • Mark Sturgeon, Vice Chair
  • Kristi Lehman, Financial Director
  • Lesley Bartholomew, Marketing/Communications
  • Graham McGaffin, Co-Secretary
  • Brian Dougherty, Member at Large
  • Cody Forch, Member at Large
  • Dirk Lohry, Member at Large
  • Jason Vacura, Member at Large
  • Jeff Johnson, Member at Large
  • Jerry Probst, Member at Large
  • Matt Salvatore, Member at Large
  • Robert DeSmidt, Member at Large

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